Vatic the Sapient


Roleplaying Notes:

The Others

Cyrus (Male Human):
Dargor (Male Dwarf):
Ilphae (Female Drow):
Meluriel (Female Eladrin):
Vatic (Male Tiefling): The magier of the town of Stasi. He has hired you for 100 gold to help rescue the sons of a local nobleman.


♦ Gender: Male
♦ Alignment: Good
♦ Height:
♦ Weight:
♦ Age:
♦ Deity: Ioun
♦ Class/Level: Mage 1

♦ Background
♦ Abilities
Str Con Dex*
Int Wis Cha
♦ Racial Features

♦ Class Features

♦ Trained Skills

♦ Feats

♦ Powers

♦ Languages
Common, Draconic
♦ Equipment
adventurer’s kit
♦ Wealth
100 gp

Vatic the Sapient

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