Reana Wrafton

Shara Reana Wrafton is the daughter of Salvana Wrafton, owner of Wrafton’s Inn of Winterhaven. Shara works as a server at the establishment for a time. In her younger days, she was dear friends with Delphina Moongem, who died when the two girls and their friend Felix Lionhill were captured by goblins and imprisoned in the Keep on the Shadowfell. Delphina was brutally murdered by a hobgoblin torturer before Felix’s eyes, but Shara was in earshot of her horrifying screams. They were rescued by the Heroes of the Vale and returned home after the cultists were defeated.
Shara and Felix swore that day that they would never forget the injustice visited upon them and would learn the art of the sword. They signed on as Regulars and trained under Rhonda Kelfem herself. They both had potential, but Shara was far more reckless than Felix and yearned to rush into conflict with the vile creatures of the Vale.
When the agents of the Great Church came to destroy the Rod of Ruin, Shara and Felix both joined the cause. When they returned from this quest, Salvana demanded that Shara go to Fallcrest to learn the ways of a Lady of Nobility, as Salvana and Eilian, the Lord Warden of Winterhaven, married for the sake of the town in hopes of marrying Shara off to another Lord Warden. Shara was furious, but eventually gave in to her mother’s demands. On the road to Fallcrest, her caravan was attacked. In the heat of the battle, she was knocked unconcious. When she came to, the halfling she knew as “Skuttle” cooked her a healthy stew in a simple camp.
The two decided to continue to Fallcrest, but she would not immediately take her place in the house of Lord Warden Markelhay. She would instead seek out a little adventure with her friend Skuttle. When they arrived in town, they immediately learned of a bounty on the band of thieves known as the Black Rats that had been plaguing the town for some time. So they ventured to the Lucky Gnome taphouse to learn more and join whatever rabble meant to hunt them down. After assembling with the band, you were hired by Gareth Evenroy, Captain of the Knights of the Watch. The mission seems simple, but nothing in the Vale ever is…
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The Others

Belgos (Male Drow):
Skuttle (Male Halfling):
Gareth (Male Human):

♦ Name: Shara Reana Wrafton
♦ Gender: Female
♦ Alignment: Unaligned
♦ Height: 5’10"
♦ Weight: 167 lb.
♦ Deity: Avandra
♦ Background: Wrongs To Be Righted (+2 Endurance)
♦ Trained Skills: Athletics, Endurance, Intimidate, Streetwise
♦ Feats: Bow Expertise, Heavy Blade Expertise, Quick Draw, Tenacious Resolve
♦ Powers: Heroic Effort (Human Racial Utility), Poised Assault (Level 1 Slayer Fighter Stance), Power Strike 2/day, Sudden Sprint (Level 2 Fighter Utility), Unfettered Fury (Level 1 Slayer Fighter Stance)
♦ Languages: Common, Elven
♦ Equipment: Adventurer’s Kit, Arrows (30), Master’s Greatsword +1, Quick Longbow +1, Shared Suffering Hide Armor +1
♦ Wealth: 1,110 gp

Reana Wrafton

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