Meluriel Stacianodel

At a young age, Meluriel Stacianodol was selected to serve as a guardian of the church of Sehanine. Her hometown in the Feywild was raided by drow elves from the Feydark, so her family was relocated into the material plane. She lived in the city of Sarthel during the rise of King Kelvin the First. Of all the heroes she had ever heard tales of, King Kelvin was the finest. She wished to follow in his footsteps and took the training to fulfill her appointed role of guardian very seriously.
She was put through the most rigorous soldier training and then inducted into the church of Corellon to learn the divine arts. The ability to call upon the power of the gods was beyond her, so she retracted herself from the holy orders of the paladin and advanced her training as an eladrin knight. She was still to serve as a guardian for the Church of the Moon Goddess, but she would never become a holy cavalier. Many saw this as a weakness in Meluriel, but her superiors saw her power of self and skill in martial combat as more than satisfactory for her appointed position.
She was recently charged with defending the missionary named Ilphae, a drow warpriestess of Sehanine who was ordered to aid a small town called Stasi. Meluriel took up her arms and armor and joined Ilphae by her side, reluctantly due to the pain her kind had visited her in childhood. Meluriel and Ilphae, with the aid of three other adventurers, rescued the kidnapped children from the clutches of the necromancer Helvec. She now travels with Ilphae in the Nentir Vale, serving as her loyal guardian as the pair protect the innocent from the vile beasts of the wild.

♦ Gender: Female
♦ Alignment: Lawful Good
♦ Height: 5’10"
♦ Weight: 145 lb.
♦ Age: 37
♦ Deity: Corellon
♦ Class/Level: Knight 1

♦ Background
Survivor of Drow Raiders (Religion +2 bonus)
♦ Abilities
Str 18 Con 14 Dex 10
Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 13
♦ Racial Features
Eladrin Education, Eladrin Weapon Proficiency, Eladrin Will, Fey Origin, Fey Step, Racial Skill Bonuses (Arcana, History), Trance
♦ Class Features
Power Strike
♦ Trained Skills
Athletics, Endruance, Intimidate, Religion
♦ Feats
Eladrin Soldier
♦ Powers

♦ Languages
Common, Elven
♦ Equipment
adventurer’s kit, great spear, heavy shield, longsword, magical plate armor +1
♦ Wealth
0 gp

Meluriel Stacianodel

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