Keira Whisperleaf


Keira was born amongst the Riverdown elves, but left the life of a hunter-gatherer very early in her life. She desired more of life and desired to mingle amongst the other folk of the world, so naturally the melting pot known as Hammerfast was to be her new home. She didn’t have much to start a life there, though she was under the mistaken impression that she was. Because of this, she quickly learned to fend for herself through acts of legerdemain.
She did her best to stay out of the number of guilds and groups running in Hammerfast and was luckily taught the arts by a mentor who wasn’t out to induct new members. His name was Jeremiah Gant and he took her under his wing, taught her to filch, and demanded nothing of her. Sadly, his and her skill were desired by local gangs and they were very territorial and demanded a cut in their earnings. Neither of them was willing to pay. There was a bit of a rough time for the two as they’d be attacked by the most notorious gang, the Red Fingers, almost daily.
Gant decided to up and leave town recently, but told Keira of an excellent mark she may be able to retire on. An aristocrat in the Lore Ward possessed a very rare jade statuette that a man named Parle Cranewing in Fallcrest yearned for. Cranewing made it known to very illicit channels that he’d pay handsomely for the item. Jeremiah intercepted this message and gave Keira the information. She was in and out of the lord’s home in no time.
She knew she wouldn’t be able to leave town with the item because the guard would find it on her easily. Luckily, a group of pilgrims was bound on their way out of the city the next morning and she figured she could use them as a distraction to get through. Her mind changed quickly, however, when she learned Nerathi ruins would be explored by the pilgrims and anyone who wanted to live in the new village being built would be given a home.
When Aldus called for citizens to come with him to Inverness to build a new town, Keira was among their number. She would serve as a defender of the pilgrimage. She’d get herself a house, find a way to Fallcrest, sell this silly statuette, and live a nice quiet life in luxury in this new town.
Roleplaying Notes: Keira is very selfish, aloof, and sarcastic. She has a quick wit, but it’s powered by a strong sense of arrogance. She has made her life for herself and is very independent. She will voice her opinion even if no one asked for it.

The Others

Belgos (Male Drow): Drow are something your kin in your early days warned about. If he’s accepted by this group, he shouldn’t be a problem. Just hope he’s good with that bow and never aims it at you. And he looks like he’s at least competent in wilderness lore. Could help out in the Vale.
Brandis (Male Human): You’ve spent the majority of your adult life dodging and tricking idiot do-gooders like this paladin. He may serve his purpose when the beasts of the wild assault the pilgrimage. They’ll take a bit more time chewing his hardy muscles and plate armor, which should give you ample time to escape.
Valanae (Female Eladrin): You have a natural respect for the eladrin as people, but this one devoutly serves as a cleric to a non-elven god. Hopefully, the goddess of death can keep you from dying. That, or Corellon help you.
Fargrim (Male Dwarf): A gruff-looking dwarf. You’re almost certain you’ve stolen this stout folk’s coin purse once or twice while he was getting drunk and causing a ruckus. You’ve seen him throw a punch and you don’t envy anyone who comes against his axe.
Jarren (Male Human): A mage. He looks at you with too much interest. Stay away from this fellow. Or, get close and see if you can’t take him for all he’s worth.
Aldus (Male Dwarf): The leader of the pilgrimage, he’s your ticket out of Hammerfast and into a brand new house. What he says goes, unless it puts you in harm’s way. Then to the Hells with him.
Malgram (Male Half-orc): A ranger who seemed seasoned. His advice on the road should be headed above all others. It’s no doubt he’s been out in the wilds before. You can smell it on him.
Faldyra (Female Elf): A stupid elven mage. Looks to have the fashion sense of a dwarf and the wit of a toddler. Just let this northern serve her purpose. Hopefully she doesn’t land you in any trouble with her naivety.


Keira Whisperleaf

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