Jarren the Illuminated


Taught the arts of evocation, Jarren has since graduated from his novice status as a mage of the Magier and seeks to make a name for himself. He traveled from Winterhaven to Hammerfast, stopping in Fallcrest for a time to study with the Septarch Nimozaran the Green. Once in Hammerfast, he dedicated his time to study and experiment. The Grand Library became like a second home to him. It was only natural that he would sign on as a scribe there, earning an honest wage.
Jarren met with a young dwarf named Brother Splintershield who commissioned his services as a scribe. He was charged to research a place named Castle Inverness, an old fortification of Nerath that was somewhere near the Harken Forest. Little information on the place existed, so when he learned the dwarf wanted this information in hopes of securing it as a village, Jarren made up his mind that he would be the Magier’s representative at this new town.
Aldus made Jarren aware that his band already had a mage amongst them, a young elven girl named Faldyra. Jarren knew that the girl was not of the Magier, but he also knew the dwarf leader of this campaign cared little for the politics of wizards. He tried to get an audience with the elf, but he was not fortunate in this endeavor. He decided to join the pilgrimage as a member of its defenders instead of as the arcane advisor to its leader.
When Brother Splintershield called for people to build a new town in the ruins of Castle Inverness, Jarren was there. He knew that his power over the arcane needed testing and he hoped to prove himself worthy to Brother Splintershield so that he might earn a tower and act as the Magier of this new and blossoming town.
Roleplaying Notes: Jarren is ambitious and eager to please. When he feels like he has been slighted, he will bottle up his emotions and often just stop talking on the matter. He is quite skilled in the ways of magic and knowledgeable of many lores, but he is not as confident as a mage of his ability should be. He feels the journey will temper his abilities and forge him into a more powerful wizard.

The Others

Brandis (Male Human): You’re sure you’ve seen him on patrol before in Hammerfast. He looks like a paladin of Erathis ought to, so he is more than likely a competent guardian for the pilgrimage.
Keira (Female Elf): She doesn’t talk too much, but when she does she is cheerful and appears kind. You may just have a fascination with elves.
Valanae (Female Eladrin): The thought of worshiping death is very weird to you. Especially for an eladrin. Despite that, it will be good to have another devout priest in the group for their ability to tend to the wounds of the pilgrims with their divine powers.
Fargrim (Male Dwarf): An apparently gruff dwarf with a very large axe. He looks like he is capable of using it. You know he’s Aldus’ brother and you know Aldus is a good fellow. Hopefully they’re cut from the same cloth.
Belgos (Male Drow): Everything you know and have read of the drow tells you to be wary of this person. Despite that, he wears the shell symbol of Melora and seems very helpful, kind, and considerate. Will everything you have read be fallacy?
Aldus (Male Dwarf): A noble dwarf who has given you this great opportunity. He seems ambitious and sure-footed, but he also seems set in his ways and unwilling to change his mind easily. Perhaps you’ll sit in a tower over his new town one day.
Malgram (Male Half-orc): The leader of the scouts seems a smart one. He is keen on his wilderness lore and mountain ken. Aldus was fortuitous to have this fellow sign on.
Faldyra (Female Elf): You’re told she’s Brother Splintershield’s advisor in matters of magic. She’s not hard to look at. You can’t wait to sit down with her and wax intellectual for hours.


Jarren the Illuminated

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