Ilphae Kilani

Ilphae’oyss Zilvnolu Kilani, more commonly known as Ilphae, is a drow who has lived the better part of her life on the surface in the care of the clergy of Sehanine. She escaped from drow civilization after learning of the surface elves and the wrong that the goddess Lolth represents. She was hunted, but escaped, and feels that there may still be agents who seek to come and kill her to appease the Spider Queen.
Ilphae has studied the dogma of the surface elves’ gods and follows the path of Sehanine, the goddess of love and of the moon. She has never been truly accepted by her peers within the church, but many of the higher ranking members of the church accept her and feel she is a blessing that shows the true grace of the goddess. She was recently honored by the Great Church to act as a missionary for good in the world. Her first mission is to travel to a small village and learn of the activities of a necromantic cult and bring their number to justice.
She was assigned a guardian by the church, an eladrin knight of Corellon named Meluriel. She feels like she did not receive a true paladin as her companion because of her race. Additionally, Meluriel seems to hold a bit of malice towards her, but for some wrong Ilphae knows nothing about and had nothing to do with. The two travel to Stasi, to aid the Magier there in the rescue of two innocents and the defeat of the cult.
Roleplaying Notes: Ilphae is very unsure of her own abilities and of her place in society. She is strong-willed and good-hearted, but sometimes her doubts in herself can cause her to not take the situation by the horns and be the leader. She prefers her allies to be strong and to guide her, so she does not have to appear foolish when she gives her opinions. Despite this, she will sometimes give her opinions, and do so strongly, especially if she feels she is right.

The Others

Cyrus (Male Human): A human sellsword. He will make a fine addition to the group, but its doubtful he will provide any meaningful conversation or insight on any matters. Though, something about him tells you he could surprise you.
Dargor (Male Dwarf): The dwarf companion of the human. Another mercenary for hire. If gold is what is necessary to bring these folks to the cause of good, so be it. Hopefully they will take more from the experience than currency.
Meluriel (Female Eladrin): Despite not being a paladin, this knight has been given you as her charge. She is very straight-forward and competent. You are confused as to why she was unable to master the divine arts of a cavalier. She will serve you well.
Nina (Female Human): Another mercenary. From what you understand, she’s from the village and has a personal investment in this matter, but you doubt it is anything that would interest you
Vatic (Male Tiefling): The Magier of the town of Stasi. He has offered the Great Church 200 gold to help with a dilemma plaguing his city. He seems mysterious and powerful. His eyes pierce into your soul whenever he turns to look at you, but he seems much too busy with the matters at hand to be thinking like you do.

♦ Gender: Female
♦ Alignment: Good
♦ Height: 5’5"
♦ Weight: 130 lb.
♦ Age: 28
♦ Deity: Sehanine
♦ Class/Level: Warpriest 1

♦ Background
Drow – Outcast ()
♦ Abilities
Str 10 Con 16 Dex* 10
Int 13 Wis 18 Cha 11
♦ Racial Features
Fey Origin, Lolthtouched (Darkfire Wisdom), Racial Skill Bonuses (Intimidate, Stealth), Trance (Drow)
♦ Class Features
Channel Divinity (Death), Death Domain Features and Powers
♦ Trained Skills
Diplomacy, Heal, Insight, Religion
♦ Feats
Harbinger of Rebirth
♦ Powers
Darkfire, Death’s Shadow, Eye of the Vulture, Healing Word 2/encounter, Inevitable Doom, Nimbus of Holy Shielding, Smite Undead, Tenebrous Blessing
♦ Languages
Common, Elven
♦ Equipment
adventurer’s kit, chainmail armor, heavy shield, mace, magic holy symbol +1
♦ Wealth
100 gp

Ilphae Kilani

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