Dargor Orcslayer

Dargor of the Orcslayer Clan is a dwarf from Turak-tol who has trained in soldiering since he was very young. His devotion to martial combat and the ways of his clan’s patriarch, Kilgor Orcslayer, is so profound that he has not once taken his armor off since he put it on. His axe was gifted to him by his father, who made a living delivering the death penalty to criminals and would-be raiders alike. His childhood offered little besides brutal training and strong ale.
Dargor would often join patrols of the city in hopes of meeting some foulness in the tunnels or up on the roads in the Horned Hills. They often did and sometimes Dargor would actually seek out a fight where the apparent interlopers wanted nothing more than to escape. It was during such patrols that Dargor met Cyrus. He was a human who lived and fought alongside dwarves and his mannerisms were akin to his fellow stout folk, which was unlike anything he had ever heard of humans. They became fast friends because of their desire to fight.
When Cyrus announced he would go up to the surface and adventure for glory and honor, Dargor demanded to go as well. The two have traveled together for some time and have found their way to a small town named Stasi. There, they have managed to arrange work to find two missing youths for one hundred gold pieces. Sounds easy enough and that’s quite a lot of coin. Must be important kids.
Roleplaying Notes:
Dargor is very selfish and can be considered quite greedy. He eats, drinks, and lives in a very hedonistic fashion. Cyrus, his very good friend and often referred to as “brother” by Dargor, has been able to keep his frivolous spending in check as they have traveled. Dargor is bad at social graces, but likes to talk about himself as if he were very important. He’ll often recant tales of how he and Cyrus defeated this, that, or the other, but will embellish it so as to make it sound grander, yet often ringing of untruth.

The Others

Cyrus (Male Human): Your best friend. Your “brother”. Cyrus is handy with his blades and guides you along your way so that the hardships of the road are never felt. You respect him more than you feel he knows and you would fight to your last breath alongside him.
Ilphae (Female Drow): A drow elf! Bah! Well, she seems to dress differently than the raiders you’ve heard tale about. And she travels with an eladrin girl who looks quite noble. Perhaps she isn’t all bad.
Meluriel (Female Eladrin): This high elf is perhaps the most beautiful creature you have ever laid eyes upon. Her arms and armor are of the finest craft and she carries herself with the perfect grace and stance of a soldier. You are envious of her training…and her armor. It’s unlikely she sees anything in you other than a beard and an axe.
Nina (Female Human): You haven’t seen too many human folk handle weapons very well, but this girl’s got it. She seems like a good compliment to Cyrus’ skills. If she’s only half as good as your brother, then no creature in Old Nerath can stand against your band!
Vatic (Male Tiefling): The Magier of the town of Stasi. He has hired you for 100 gold to help rescue the sons of a local nobleman. You’re not much for magic unless it’s used to create something. You’re sure to see things from him you had never even dreamed of.

♦ Gender: Male
♦ Race: Dwarf
♦ Alignment: Unaligned
♦ Height: 4’4"
♦ Weight: 220 lb.
♦ Age: 28
♦ Deity: Kord
♦ Class/Level: Slayer 1

♦ Background
Dwarf – Dedicated to an Ancestor (History +2 bonus)
♦ Abilities
Str 20 Con 13 Dex* 14
Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 8
♦ Racial Features
Cast-Iron Stomach, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Weapon Proficiency, Encumbered Speed, Racial Skill Bonuses (Dungeoneering, Endurance), Stand Your Ground
♦ Class Features
Power Strike
♦ Trained Skills
Athletics, Endurance, Heal
♦ Feats
Dwarven Weapon Training
♦ Powers
Berserker’s Charge, Dwarven Resilience, Power Strike 1/encounter, Unfettered Fury
♦ Languages
Common, Dwarven
♦ Equipment
adventurer’s kit, magical execution axe +1, scale armor
♦ Wealth
100 gp

Dargor Orcslayer

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