Belgos is a drow who has discarded his heritage and his religious upbringing to wander the surface world and to meet the challenge of hunting the finest prey the open world has to offer. Fifteen years ago, Belgos escaped the matriarchal rule of the priestesses of Lolth with his brother, Gendar. Using Gendar’s maps and Belgos’ knack for foraging, the brothers found themselves in a place known as Seven-Pillared Hall. They were met by agents of King Kelvin the First. Sensing no signs of treachery or espionage, the agents accepted Belgos and Gendar and allowed them to remain in the Hall.
Belgos spent a time in the Hall, working with his brother in building up a shop to sell and purchase trinkets. This did not suit him at all. Eventually, an agent of the King named Edthow Staul, was persuaded to take Belgos as his apprentice. Belgos saw himself becoming a ranger like Edthow, hunting the wilds of Nentir Vale. Shortly after Belgos’ training was complete, Edthow met his end to old age and Belgos found himself in Hammerfast with no real attachments left.
The wilderness around Hammerfast offered him solace, especially the crisp mountain air of the Dawnforge Peaks. His favorite pass time of late has been hunting mountain lions and elk. Belgos found himself a small home just outside of the city, but as of late, the prey in his hunting grounds has become sparse.
He joined the Splintershield Pilgrims, took the ruins of Inverness, and defended them against the March of the Phantom Brigade. After peace came to the new town of Inverness, Belgos wandered west, looking for new adventure. The idea of protecting people or fighting for a cause gave him the thrill hunting once did, but offered a new prey he saw as a challenge.
He arrived in the town of Fallcrest and immediately learned of a bounty on the band of thieves known as the Black Rats that had been plaguing the town for some time. He ventured to the Lucky Gnome taphouse to learn more and join whatever rabble meant to hunt them down. After assembling with the band, you were hired by Gareth Evenroy, Captain of the Knights of the Watch. The mission seems simple, but nothing in the Vale ever is…
Roleplaying Notes: Belgos comes off as a bit aloof and sarcastic to other people, but he has never really been good around people like his brother Gendar is. He does not like going into a situation without properly planning and scouting ahead. Some may consider this trait as overly wary, but Belgos understands patience and cautiousness are essential traits.

The Others

Gareth (Male Human): The Captain of the Knights of the Watch seems an honorable man. He reminds you of a cavalier you traveled with in the Inverness Pilgrimage. It’s an honor to help this man seek out this problem that is his town’s ill.
♦ Name: Belgos
♦ Gender: Male
♦ Alignment: Unaligned
♦ Height: 6’0"
♦ Weight: 140 lb.
♦ Age: 26
♦ Deity: Corellon
♦ Class/Level: Hunter 4

♦ Background
Drow – Outcast (Perecption +2 bonus)
♦ Abilities
Str 11 Con 14 Dex* 18
Int 10 Wis 16 Cha 10
♦ Racial Features
Fey Origin, Lolthtouched – Darkfire (Wisdom), Trance (Drow), Intimidate Bonus, Stealth Bonus
♦ Class Features
Ambush Expertise, Bow Hunter, Mountain Guide
♦ Trained Skills
Athletics, Dungeoneering, Nature, Perception, Stealth
♦ Feats
Bow Expertise, Weapon Focus (Bow)
♦ Powers
Aimed Shot, Aspect of the Dancing Serpent, Aspect of the Pack Wolf, Clever Shot, Darkfire, Disruptive Shot
♦ Languages
Common, Elven
♦ Equipment
adventurer’s kit, arrows (30), climber’s kit, longsword, leather armor, vicious longbow +1
♦ Wealth
680 gp


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